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Latest product highlights

Cobra’s Flex Supreme: the ultimate kitchen mixer

The on-trend Cobra Flex Supreme (FX100) sink mixer effortlessly combines multiple washing up functions in one stylish package.

Covered pools for water and power savings

Pools and gardens alone can account for up to 60% of water consumed in the home. For every square metre of water surface of the pool, the average pool will lose a metre of water to evaporation over a year. Pool covers address water consumption by instantly reducing evaporation by 98%+. 

Maximising seating capacity

Retractable seating for conference, events and sports facilities ensures that optimum use of floor space is enabled.

Concrete on a roll

Kaytech has recently signed a distributorship agreement with Concrete Canvas to supply Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats into the South African civil engineering industry, including road and rail applications. 

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